Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tree felling, wall repairing, dog walking

Rowan preparing the tree, note the lean to the left
We were recently joined by Rowan (aptly named) from Treewise who came to fell the two remaining Macrocarpa trees which had  become very unstable since the first of the three fell in a storm a few months ago. One of them had developed a significant lean and we think only remained upright due to the trunk of the fallen tree.
View from the paddock, again the lean can be seen

Rowan had a super large chainsaw.

Unfortunately the video would not upload but here is the fallen tree in the paddock. We are going to have the trunk planked using a portable saw mill supplied by Treewise. We have plenty of firewood from the branches.

The tree felling created a wonderful view of Trencom Hill. 

During some particularly heavy rain part of the dry stone wall in the tea lawn collapsed and threatened to block the lane. Three strong men managed to wedge it in a more upright position but we will need lifting gear to put it back properly. The wall in the tea lawn is less 'dry stone' more 'monolithic stone' some of the pieces of granite are massive.

Tea Lawn

The rose garden is coming on well

Some more general views of the garden, they all seem to feature a whippet!

I thought I'd also start to post some pictures of the local area and our favourite places to walk the dogs

Rosewall Hill

Trencrom Hill

Carn Galver

Carn Galver

Treats on Carn Galver

Fuschia at Gurnards Head

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