Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The beginning

We began work on our beautiful cornish garden in July last year. It feels like a minature Lost Gardens of Heligan project and we are still at the clearing back stage.
According to our neighbours the garden was really beautiful about 15 years ago and was even used as a small market garden.
The framework is still there and one of the loveliest parts of the garden will be the part we have called The Dell. It is a series of granite paths and feature trees (although many of these have now grown too large or been damaged by other plants). I am most excited about restoring this part.
This is my first blog and I plan to record progress on the garden as we carry out work. We have said so many times 'oh we should have taken a before and after picture' so I plan to do this as part of this blog which I hope to make prettier as I learn what I'm doing.

Framework of old (victorian?) greenhouse with self sown trees growing in and around it, plus about 8 years of grass cuttings piled up

The Dell

Despite appearances The Dell has already delighted us with cyclamen, anemones, and bluebells amongst other wild flowers.


  1. Love the blog. Don't try and pretty it up. It's beautiful with its simplicity and it looks like you already know what you're doing. xx

  2. Beautiful photos, especially of the birds. We are so lucky that our Cornish birds are so friendly!

    Good luck with your new blog
    Enjoy x

  3. hi it was so lovely to see your blog site brought back so many happy memories of our time with you in may
    keep up the good work and leave a bit, small, for us in sept. lots of love, janina,xxxxx